GC GP Parti Wai Easter Bonnet, DM

" Bonnie" is a Calico Van.  DOB: 4/12/98  
This picture was taken the day after she granded at 8 months old.  She did not
get to go to Disneyland  to celebrate, but she did go to the Oregon Coast.  Bonnie
  is a seasoned traveler.  She had logged over 75,000 miles with us in our Motorhome.
She has been to Alaska, Mexico, New England and the Florida Keys.  
GC RW Oresta Critic Choice of Parti Wai

Blue & White Van

Bolo's Scooter John
of Oresta

Blue & White

Softmagic Big John of Bolo DM GC Marsamis The Wizard
of Softmagic
Katrina's Scarlet of Softmagic
Bolo's Tinkerbelle GC Maison De Chat Purrsonality of Bolo
GC Bolo Fruit of the Loom DM
Oresta's Cookie 

Dilute Calico

CH Pajean's Curious George
of Oresta
GC Pajean's Bayou Bandit
GC NW Anz Betty Boop
 of Pajean
GC Oresta's Miss Marple DM GC Pajean's T-Bob
of Oresta
Oresta's Franceline
CH Colesco's Southern Belle of Parti Wai

Red & White

no picture available

GC Colesco Southern Exposure

Red & White

GC Colesco's Mersmereyes Pajean's Louisanna Gambler of Ladar
Daydreamer Sunkist
CH Colesco's Collage CH South Paw Bless My Stars of Colesco
Ezluvin's Rachael of Colesco
CH Colesco's Hollywood Starlette

Red Tabby

CH South Paw Bless My Stars of Colesco GC NW South Paw Wish Upon a Star
South Paw Yorkshire Pudding
Rambo's Second Chance
  of Colesco
Rambo's Passing in Review
Rambo's Lady in Red


Bonnie's progeny are all sired by CH Frenchcats Nimbus of Parti Wai DM.  He is the
 only male she was ever bred to,  she had 3 litters.  All but 2 of her offspring have granded.