Grand Champion
Dclass Sweet Dreamers of


"Dreamer" is a pale cream and white, he is an asset to my
breeding program.  He is a 1 show grand.  Thank you so
much for Alejandro and Jhon for bringing him to me. 


TGC Candirand He's Amazing of Dclass

Blue & White



Revillion Day Dreams of Candirand

Cream & White


GC RW Parti Wai Sweet Dreams of Revillion DM GC Magratheas Spiritwalker of Parti Wai DM
GC Parti Wai Grace DM
GC RW Revillion Double Trouble of San Fe, DM GC Artemis Man In The Moon of Revillion
GC RW Couronne Loony Tunes DM
Candirand's Diamond Girl

Blue & White


GC RW Candirand's Blast From The Past DM GC Candirand's Somebody Slap Me
CH Candirand's Shut up-N-Kiss Me
GC Catillak Sweet Dreams of Candirand GC RW Catillak's Sooner or Later DM
GC RW Catillak Sweet Hereafter DM
Parti Wai Ilona of Dclass



GC Magatheas Spiritwalk of Parti Wai DM

Red Tabby & White (Non Agouti)

CH AFCA  DR Purdy Katz Huckleberry Finn GC Bolo Pearl jam of Hankypankys
CH Lametta's Jellybean of Purdy Katz
Granddelights Amber of Magratheas GC Furfrenz Chancer of Granddelight
Bolo Amanda of Granddelights
GC RW Parti Wai Ops Forgot My
Party Dress DM


GC Day Oh Wish Upon a Star of
Parti Wai DM
Day Oh True Refections
Day Oh Let Me all You Sweetheart
GC Parti Wai Memories ArtemisConstellation of Validian
GC NW Lexus Tiny Dancer of Artemis