CH Chancery's Stacked Deck
 of Parti Wai

"Decker" is a very cobby boy with short legs and heavy bone,
which his sire consistently produces.  He has a thick profuse
easy care coat typical of many reds.  He is not an agouti tabby.

Granddelights TrumpCard

Black & White

GC Furfrenz Chancer
of Granddelight
GC Anz Heavy Hitter
of Furfrenz
GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM
Beaudee's Calpurrnia DM
GC Furfrenz Catch A Falling Star DM CH Copacats Valentino
CH Copacats Betty
of Furfrenz
Hugsalot Zelda of Granddelights


Bolo's Coty of Hugsalot CH Marhei Alex of Bolo DM
CH Cattrax's Special Delivery of Bolo DM
CH Bolo's Tootie Fruitie
of Hugsalot
Softmagic Big John of Bolo DM
GC Bolo's Fruit of the Loom DM
Chancery's Hello Dolly

Dilute Calico

CH Cheshirr Dazzler
of Chancery

Red Tabby & White

Bolo Steinway of Cheshirr GC Rubyrose Lightning Bolt
of Bolo
GC NW Bolo Bold & Beautiful
Polcann's Peggy Sue GC Polcann's Freito-Bandito
Mistyrun Va Va Voom of Polcann
Chancery's Hilo Hattie

Dilute Calico

Sheranne's Limited Edition
of Chancery
GC GP The Big Bopper
of Sheranne
GC Sheranne's Goldilocks
Cheshirr's Domonique Bolo Steinway of Cheshirr
Belcats Molly Miata of Pokazot

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