Grand Champion
Commodore's Andre of Parti Wai


Red & White Van

Byhishands Exhilaration

Black & White Van

GC Byhishands Larrick CH Anz Brick Of Byhishands GC Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM
GC Myshadows Miss Markie Of Anz DM
Byhishands Looks
Like A Tiff
CH Anz Brick of Byhishands
Connaught Shillelagh
of Byhishands
April Fool
GC Rubyrose The Red Pretzel GC Rubyrose's Proverb
Bolo Prickly Pear
of Rubyrose
Connaught Shillelagh
Of Byhishands
Connaught Mickey-D DM
GC Connaught Quinn
of Lucca

Harwood Lonnie Of Commodore

Red & White

GC Harwood Renoir GC Harwood Frankly Speaking GC Harwood Rootin Tootin Cowboy
CH Harwood Trilogy
Harwood Sonoma Of Zerandodream GC Harwood No Doubt About It
Rubyrose Funny Face
of Harwood
Harwood Tanguerey CH Harwood I Love You Man GC Harwood Frankly Speaking
Harwood Trousseau
Harwood Trivia CH Harwood Doc Holiday
GC Harwood Optical Impression

   Andre is the sire of our lovely GC Parti Wai Lollypop, a 1 show grand

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